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Crescent Avenue - Completed

2896 Crescent Avenue is conveniently located near Interstate 5, Beltline and Coburg Road.  It's neighbors make up one of Eugene's leading business centers with such companies as Chambers Communications, Costco, Comcast, the corporate headquarters for Oregon Credit Union, and the Register-Guard as well as several shops and restaurants, all within easy walking distance.

This Design Built facility is 14,000 square feet with two-stories.  It is a concrete tilt-up structure with brick veneer inlay and a specially engineered steel t-bar infrastructure.  This is a multi-tenant building with a specialized Technology Firm leasing the upper floor as a datacenter.

Data Center Highlights:

Connectivity - Built with high-speed, redundant networks, the Internet Data Center provides superior connectivity. It has been designed for extensive capacity and scalability for e-Business or Enterprise computing needs, today and in the future.

Power - The facility has a state-of-the-art Liebert UPS for power backup in case of a power grid failure. A diesel generator automatically activates in the event of a power failure and keeps the UPS charged and all equipment


Security - The Internet Data Center is built with comprehensive security systems to protect data and applications against loss, viruses, tampering, and intrusion. IP enabled cameras exist throughout the Data Center, inside and out. They utilize three forms of identification for access to the Data Center: Biometric finger scanner (who you are), Proximity Card (what you have), and Pin number (what you know). Computer recorded entry and exit.