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Coburg Connection - In Development




From 2388 square feet to 44,000 square feet in a 61,000 square foot project

Coburg Connection is a five building complex of medical/dental/office professional suites. It is located on the intersection of Coburg Road and Game Farm Road. The complex is just two minutes north of Costco at Beltline and only 2 ½ miles from the new River Bend Hospital. The area around Coburg Connection is fast growing with many new residential and commercial developments.

The rural setting is beautiful with views of the Coburg Hills and nearby orchards. This exciting new development is comprised of two, one-story, five thousand square foot buildings, two, two-story, four thousand square foot buildings and one, three-story, forty four thousand square foot building.

The individual buildings, or suites, are privately owned commercial condominiums. Suite sizes begin at 2,388 square feet, and could be as large as the entire 44,000 square feet in the three-story building. The range of suite sizes makes them suitable for the small office user as well as the large firm or Professional practice that might use an entire floor. Every condominium suite will be built-out according to the owner’s desires and tastes.

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With the historic growth of real estate values, you as an owner will benefit from its anticipated appreciation as well as the tax benefits of owning real estate. This is an opportunity to see your monthly lease payments from your currently leased office, go toward monthly mortgage payments where you will reap the benefit of investing in real estate instead of your landlord.  Coburg Connection offers an opportunity for a 50% ownership in a commercial condominium, giving users of the space the chance to be an owner for much less than an individual building on its own lot. This benefit of ownership is in addition to other benefits such as, control of your rents, control of the condition of the property, pride of ownership and not having to move at the whim of a landlord.  


Coburg Connection condominiums can be purchased for as little as 20% down payment using our lender, SELCO Community Credit Union. Typical terms are a 25 year amortization of the loan amount, with an interest rate fixed for five years. The rate is adjusted to the market at the beginning of the sixth year and the entire loan is renegotiated at the end of the 10th year.

Make your monthly payments count

for something more than rent!

With every mortgage payment, the owner’s equity increases. Factoring in the potential annual appreciation of owning your own building makes Coburg Connection an outstanding investment. Current interest rates being at unprecedented lows and, with the favorable tax treatment for real estate owners in our current economic climate, owning your space in this incredible professional center may be the perfect solution for your business or practice.


The parking lot and landscaping are Common Areas that are maintained by the Condominium Association. The large building will have a main entrance lobby, elevators, bathrooms and hallways that are common to the owners in that building.

Coburg Connection is comprised of one, one-story retail/office building (Building Five), one, one-story office building (Building One), two, two-story office buildings (Buildings Two and Three) and one, three-story office building (Building Four) with medical/professional offices on all three floors.

- The Right Place for You -

Coburg Connection buildings and suites are unique designs in the marketplace with the interior build-out designed to meet the needs of the owner of the suite or building. Coburg Connection’s architect can work with each new owner to design a space plan and specifications for build-out of the interior. The interior improvements/build-out can often be included in the purchase financing.

Coburg Connection will be a premier location for medical and other professionals who prefer to own the space that they use for their offices.

The buildings are an enduring design, and built to exacting standards using concrete tilt up construction. The low maintenance exteriors are finished with brick and slate and the design incorporates many green building practices.

The opportunity to own your own space in a well located professional center such as this is very rare, especially in Eugene or Springfield as there are only a handful of commercial condominiums in the area.


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