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About A&A Properties
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A&A Properties Northwest is committed to providing excellence and quality in the development and management of commercial property. Our partners bring over 47-years of property management and development experience to our organization; we leverage that expertise to manage our projects and clients with effectiveness and efficiency.

We are committed to developing projects using a design-build process that keeps costs reasonable and the facilities we build and manage to be best of breed and state-of-the-art both architecturally and environmentally.

We are committed to providing “hands-on” management so we can better understand and meet our client’s/tenants needs; in addition this allows us to ensure the quality we demand and the proper delivery on our commercial developments.

Commercial Development

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Commercial Development Executive Rental Home History

In 1998, after years of successful experience in business and real estate, Scott Alldridge formed A&A Properties Northwest.

His initial development was his Class A Offices and Data Center Facility on Crescent Avenue in Eugene, Oregon. Since that time he has continued to build and develop additional properties that have proven to be very successful.

Coburg Connection

The Sunriver House

Executive Luxury Vacation Rental

For details, visit the Coburg Connection information page.

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